Frequently Asked Questions

How are custom fabric wristbands made?

Custom woven fabric wristbands are made using an embroidery process where several different threads are woven together in order to create your custom wristband design in up to 7 colors.   For custom printed fabric wristbands we print your custom design onto fine white polyester / satin fabric using a dye-sublimation process leaving a super smooth feeling to your wristband.

What size are standard event wristbands?

Our standard event wristbands are 0.59 inches wide by 13.78 inches in diameter or length.

How long does it take to receive my custom event wristbands?

Production time for all custom fabric wristbands, both our woven fabric wristbands or our printed fabric wristbands, is typically 5-7 business days before shipping out. Shipping times for your custom event wristbands can take anywhere between another 3-5 business days in transit depending on where you are in the United States. For a more accurate expected delivery time, have a look at the map below. If at any time production goes more than 7 business days, we will make up the time by expediting shipping at our expense.

How do I setup my artwork for custom even wristbands?

We recommend using a professional design software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw to design your custom event wristbands. Templates for all wristbands are available here. To setup your wristband design file start by using a size of 0.59 inches high by 13.78 inches wide. No margins or bleeds are required. Use the CMYK color profile and if designing for printed fabric wristbands, set your resolution to 600 dpi for best results. 240 dpi is the absolute minimum you would want to use if no better resolution is available. If the resolution of you custom wristband file is below 240 dpi we may ask that you make additional approvals to artwork before going to production. For custom woven wristbands you must use vector artwork (in which case defining the resolution is not necessary) with a program such as Adobe Illustrator using no more than 7 custom colors.  

What if I'm unable to design the custom wristbands myself?

If you need help designing your custom event wristband we suggest selecting from hundreds of design professionals and receive 20% off your first order by visiting

What happens if there is a problem with my artwork?

If there is any issue with the design of your custom event wristbands, we'll be sure to let you know about the issue(s) within a 24 hour time frame. We always go above and beyond to assist our customers with fixing any artwork a problems and we do this without requiring any additional cost. Or we'll work with you or your graphic designer hand in hand until we have results you're satisfied with.  If we have to make any changes at all to you artwork we will be sure to allow your approval before custom wristbands are set for production.

What are custom fabric wristbands made of?

Woven event wristbands are made out of a high quality polyester that's woven together to create your design. Our Printed event wristbands are made of a soft poly / satin blend and printed through a dye-sublimation process using environmentally sustainable inks that produce rich graphics or logo on custom printed wristbands.

How can I make sure the colors of my custom event wristbands are accurate?

For custom woven wristbands set the colors to CMYK and we will best match the colors for you. If you prefer to supply specific Pantone colors to us you can do so by defining them in the notes section of the checkout process. Colors from monitors and /. or Pantone swatch books may differ from the color of thread supplied though we will do our very best to match these colors as accurately as possible using advanced color matching technologies. 

For custom printed fabric wristbands your colors will be printed exactly as you supply them in your artwork file. For this we also recommend using a CMYK color profile. Use of RGB profiles for custom printed fabric wristbands could delay production, as we will frequently check with customers before manufacturing your custom wristband order. Your monitor color and /or any swatch books used may differ from the color of the wristband since it's printed on fabric, though we will do our very best to match these colors as accurately using color matching technologies that we have available. 

How do I get custom labels on my custom event wristbands?

Custom labels are made to make your large order of wristbands a breeze when it comes time for event organizers to distribute them at festivals and events. We will sort and label up to 10 variations of wristbands for you; VIP, GA, Staff, Bands, anything you need. After placing a successful order, click Custom Labeling at the bottom of any page on this website and submit the simple form on that page. You'll be glad you did come event day!

Where is Wristband Supply Co. located?

Wristband Supply Co. is located in Denver, Colorado and ships free across the entire continental United States.

Where are wristband fabrics manufactured?

Your custom event wristbands being woven wristbands or printed wristbands are finished, packaged, labeled and shipped from the Denver, Colorado, the Mile High City sitting at 5280 feet above sea level. Packaging tape, wristband closing locks, fabric, ink, materials, manufacturing and poly-bags come from China. All boxes leaving our warehouse are manufactured in the United States.

Do you offer expedited services to get wristbands for events faster?

Since we're one of the cheapest wristband for event suppliers online with a very easy ordering system, we have a very large number of wristband orders during event seasons and unfortunately are not able to provide expedited services at this time.  We want to ensure every custom is treated equally, whether being a large festival or a small event, our goal is to ensure everyone has their custom wristbands for event day.  We recommend ordering your wristbands at least 14 business days in advance of your event to ensure a timely delivery.

Can I get samples of woven wristbands and custom printed wristbands?

Absolutely! We offer free event wristband samples to any customers that want to inspect our high quality locking wristbands themselves or just to make a decision between our woven fabric wristbands or our printed fabric wristbands.  We'll send you one of each custom fabric wristband quickly through USPS which will take anywhere from 2-7 days, depending on where in the United States you live.  To get your free custom wristband samples click here.

Do all custom event wristbands come with locks installed?

Yes, when you order your custom event wristbands you will choose from either a black or white locking wristband closure. These locks will be installed on each wristband prior to shipping out so all you'll need to do is slide the lock up towards the wrist in order to secure your custom event wristbands in place and prevent removal during events.

Do event wristbands come pre-bagged and sorted?

All large quantity custom wristband orders will be sorted in bundles of 50 wristbands and placed into clear poly bags for easy distribution. The packages of wristbands will come in either a poly mailer (small quantity custom wristband orders) or in one or several corrugated cardboard boxes.  We're happy to take special packaging requests that you pay note in the checkout process of your custom fabric wristband order.