Event Wristband Templates

Use the templates below to have a properly sized blank canvas to start your wristband design from. Templates are available in a variety of Adobe design applications. Select whichever program you feel most comfortable with.  If you want to use a design application that's not available from our list of wristband templates, simply build a new file that's 13.78 inches in width by 0.59 inches in height with no bleeds or margins. Use a CMYK color setting at 600 dpi (min. 300 dpi).

Custom Wristbands for Festivals
Custom Wristbands for Festivals

Woven Wristband Templates

Custom woven wristbands require vector artwork in no more than 7 colors. Files accepted are .ai, .eps, .svg, .pdf

Click here to download all woven wristband templates (.zip file)

Printed Fabric Wristband Templates

Printed Fabric Wristbands can be any artwork with unlimited colors. Files accepted are .jpg, .png, tiff, .ai, .eps, .svg, .pdf

Click here to download all printed fabric wristband templates (.zip file)

Color Settings

When building your wristband design file or modifying one of our wristband templates, set the color mode to CMYK color. For woven wristbands we'll match your CMYK colors to the closest matched threads with hundreds of Pantone colors to choose from. For printed event wristbands we'll print exactly those colors. 

Margins / Bleeds

Neither our woven wristbands or our printed fabric wristbands use margins or bleeds so set both to zero when building your file. We'll develop your wristbands with the exact artwork you send us from edge to edge. Only the ends of the wristbands cut by laser is subject to a 1mm offset that should not effect your wristband artwork.

Graphic Details

For woven wristbands be sure to use vector graphics. If vector files are not available we'll do our best to convert the file for you and will send it over for approval before producing event wristbands. For printed fabric wristbands, use 600 dpi if available with a minimum of 300 dpi to prevent image distortion.