Want to check out the quality of our custom fabric wristbands and decide if you'd like woven wristbands or printed fabric wristbands? We'll get some custom event wristband samples in you mailbox in just a few days.



Custom Printed Fabric Wristbands
Custom Printed Fabric Wristbands


One Woven Wristband (black barrel lock)

One Printed Wristband (white barrel lock)


5-8 Business Days





Custom Printed Fabric Wristband
Locking Fabric Event Wristbands

We want you to feel the quality of our custom event wristband in your own hands. That's why we offer easy wristband samples delivered to your door at zero cost. Just add a wristband sample to your online cart and check out, providing us with your shipping address. The wristband samples, and included shipping and handling, are available anywhere in the continental USA. 

You will receive two of our custom event wristbands in the mail between 3 and 5 business days from completing your request. We'll send one Woven Fabric Wristband and one Printed Fabric Wristband with black and white wristband locks, so not only will you be able to see the quality, but you'll be able to see which event wristband will be best for you when you place a custom wristband order.

We know once you see our beautifully manufactured custom event wristbands, you'll be a customer for life. We know our quality, pricing, and service are unbeatable, and we look forward to showing you firsthand. No longer will you need to wait days for custom wristband quotes. Just order online in minutes and get your custom event wristband delivered right to your door.

Get your custom wristbands ready while you wait for your samples to arrive.